Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Don’t Let ‘Junior’ Fool You

Despite a fondness for Pelikan fountain pens, I was late coming to the Pelikano Junior and didn’t discover it until late last year. There’s been no shortage of reviews, and I’m not really sure how I managed to have my head in the sand so long. But in that regard, the old maxim ‘better late than never’ has proven to be true. Don’t let that ‘Junior’ in the name fool you. The Pelikano Junior is an OUTSTANDING fountain pen in a number of ways.

Pelikan had children in mind when they went to the drawing boards with this one. They threw in all the obvious design ingredients that both appeal to and apply to children and the classrooms where they do most of their writing. It’s bright and eye-catching; it’s inexpensive and it’s simple design is both rugged and utilitarian. Underneath all that, Pelikan has maintained the quality they are famous for. In short, the Pelikano Junior lays a beautiful line of ink down on paper. It looks like a toy and it writes like a well-engineered fountain pen.

This is THE ‘starter’ pen for anyone with a mind to lay aside their ballpoint and take up a fountain pen. The lack of a pocket clip might bother some, but bear in mind that the Pelikano can bounce around in a bag or backpack all day long and come away unfazed. If at first you are put off by the fat size, chances are you will discover how comfortable it is once it’s cuddled nicely in your writing hand. The design is ergonomic and made with a grip that tells you (and children) exactly where to place the fingers for both comfort and effective writing. One my favorite features is the two rounded bumps or protrusions on either side of the barrel which prevent the pen from rolling off the desk or table. (The pocket clip serves this purpose on other pens.) Another clever novelty, one perfect for students, is the space for a name sticker visible inside the barrel of the pen. With only four colors available (green, blue, yellow and red) mix-ups are likely in a classroom or among siblings and the interior name sticker solves this problem.

The pen and cap are plastic with a rubber grip and a steel nib. Length is a hair over 5 inches (13 cm) with the cap on (unposted); 6 1/8 inches (15.5 cm) posted. The nib is a standard M, and is of two types: L for left-handed writers, A for right-handed writers. If you prefer a finer line try turning the nib over or upside down. The pen uses a Pelikan 4001 ink cartridge, which can be easily changed to a converter. The 4001 is available in eight colors: blue black, brilliant black, brilliant green, brilliant red, pink, royal blue, turquoise and violet.

I am crazy about the Pelikano Junior and would rate it five stars, but don’t take my word alone. There are other reviews you might want to have a look at. Try Unposted , The Fountain Pen Network, Writer’s Bloc, and Another Word for Nerd.


  1. How much would one of these Pelikano Juniors cost? I might be interested in trying one out after reading about these pens.

  2. They are $11.50 at JetPens.com.

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