Friday, March 5, 2010

Imagining a Snack

shouldn’t be the case, but again today I had to push myself to take out the color pencils and spend some time sketching. Practice is surely the key, and even though I look for, hope for improvement, many times getting myself to do it takes hard effort. A little difficult to get my head around that attitude, since the desire to draw better should be encouragement enough. But the feeling is a little like what comes with stretching exercises, which is hard for me. Similar to touching the floor without bending the knees and half a dozen other floor exercises, the first ten minutes of sketching make me feel the same, though the stiffness is confined to hand and fingers. Should anyone ever ask me to make a couple of quick sketches of something and try to finish within ten minutes, I might be defeated in the first five minutes. It’s an unfortunate condition for one who enjoys drawing and takes satisfaction from it.

Today I started out a little hungry, with an idea in my head that some sliced tomato, sardines and saltine crackers would really hit the spot. Since I had none of the three in my kitchen or pantry, I teased myself with a picture.

Now I'm on my way to the grocery store looking for tomatoes, sardines and…


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  2. Again, I think you have talent - I recognize tomatoes and sardines!

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