Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Murder? Just Ink

If you were around this blog on May 24, then you saw some glowing remarks on the ‘Anniversaire 1670’ J Herbin ink, Rouge Hematite. Those opinions still stand, no retractions. I have continued to enjoy the ink daily, and will need to refill my Sailor Naginata soon.

But not that soon. If you’ve noticed the picture above, you will guess that I have not a drop remaining in the bottle of Rouge Hematite I bought a few days earlier. Early this morning, barely out of bed I heard something, the beginning of a sound coming from the living room. The short one-second part was a paper sound, the movement of pages, paper, notebook, followed the next second by the heartbreak of glass shattering on ceramic tile. Had I been in a different place I might have thought earthquake, but not in Florida. It turned out to be a bunch of papers and file folders losing their grip on the bookshelf, slipping and jarring a bottle of Herbin Rouge Hematite, sending it four feet down to hard, hard floor.

After a one-hour clean up of all that earthy red mess, I clicked over to with a replacement bottle in mind. Not surprisingly, they are out of stock for now. I will patiently wait for a new batch, and hope that they might be the ‘new’ bottles. Read a note in Quo Vadis blog that Herbin had a fix in mind for the sub-standard bottle opening and chintzy aluminum cap on their ‘Anniversaire 1670’ ink.

Mail today brought something from Right off, a thanks to Julie B (Whatever) for the recommendation. The stationery is ichiban, number one. Pen and ink both squeak their pleasure in meeting such paper. My pens at least, like the Clairefontaine Triomphe much, much more than Crane stationery. Five pens, five different inks, all like butter on glass with the Triomphe.

Not sure if the writing in the bottom photograph is legible, not sure if it’s even important, but the paper is Clairefontaine, the ink Herbin Rouge Hematite and Sailor O-cha Green.


  1. Oh, my! Well at least it didn't land on tile close to carpet - that would have been a mess.

    My understanding is that the new stock will be in soon - sometime here in June.

    I would watch and also. They both have great prices selection and service.

  2. Say it ain't so!


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