Monday, October 18, 2010

Is it Halloween Yet?

I love this ink. Orange ink has always been a shade I enjoy using, and it has been a long time in finding the one that prompts a sudden, “That’s it!” with the first stroke of color on the page. Diamine Pumpkin, the perfect orange, with the perfect timing (two weeks before Halloween), and all the right qualities.

With only a small Inkdrop sample from Brian Goulet, I wasn’t able to try the Pumpkin ink in more than one fountain pen. That proved to be something of a drawback because the pen I chose has what I call a stingy nib, laying down a line drier than I prefer. Shading looks great; no disappointment in the saturation. With the right pen, or wetter nib, this Diamine Pumpkin is going to be a star in my weekly ink rotation. Kudos to Diamine and thanks to Brian Goulet.

The second photo here shows a comparison of six different ‘orange’ inks. A quick look and anyone uninterested in ink will say that they are all the same. The subtleties of digital reproduction also complicate the differences, but hopefully some of my ink-mad readers will distinguish some difference in the six colors.

From top to bottom:

Sailor Jentle Ink • Persimmon (a custom mix)

Iroshizuku • Yu-yake

Iroshizuku • Fuyu-gaki

Caran d’Ache • Saffron

Edelstein • Mandarin

Diamine • Pumpkin

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed Pumpkin! It really is a great color. I am personally a fan of all the Ink Drop color we chose for this month, fall just lends itself to so many great ink colors! Thank you for the shoutout and the links!


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