Monday, July 18, 2011

Another Thousand Words

With a full-blown HOA meeting hangover and too many barbs and arrows in my thoughts to enjoy uninterrupted concentration on pleasanter themes, giving in to late afternoon sloth and parking myself on the patio with a tumbler full of rum and Coke helps a lot. Catch it at just the right time and the view from my weathered old Adirondack chair is on a par with chemical tranquilizers. This time palm trees and near golden light cutting through an overcast sky made for another of those pictures that rouse a calm thrill at the way Nature reveals itself.

I read a book once called Patches of Godlight. This must be a picture of that.

And then there were two.

Crooked yeah, but the angled horizon line gives it an interesting tilt.


  1. Beautiful photos, disturbing commentary. What happened to get you so riled up???

  2. Nature does soothe the savage beast/breast/mad HOA member with a display that leaves one at a loss for any words--much less a thousand. And the rum and Co-Cola surely helped also. Just keep looking at the view and clicking your heels and saying, There's no place like being off the board, there's no place like being off the board.

  3. Your pictures are really special and certainly tell a story in themselves of the tranquility of living by the ocean. Once you are off the board (and that will be soon but not soon enough I guess) you will be able to enjoy each day with more gusto. Having served on that board once I know what you are feeling, but cast it off your shoulders and from your mind. Those "barbs" they shoot are their problems. Live and love your life there in your spot of heaven.

  4. P.S. Sorry I was a day late in commenting. Yesterday we were off celebrating our 58 years of wedded bliss.


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