Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Morning’s Fury

Little doubt that some readers found the Friday post full of ugly jellyfish a mite off-putting. Well, thankfully such nasties aren’t a frequent sight on this front yard beach I often attempt to describe. The tables can turn quickly and what is Thursday’s goose bump heebie-jeebies by Friday becomes an array of nature’s jewels. Coming on this day it was a surprise, because I awoke to what sounded like the clash of the Titans, and a violent rat-tat-tat of rain on my bedroom windows and door that made me wonder if the glass would hold. Looking through the glass door I saw the heavy Adirondack chair had been blown across the patio and pushed against the table. There was also a missing chair, blown away and nowhere in sight. The exhausted plants were beaten down, limp and curled leaves a soundless cry for shelter from the tornado-like winds.

Impossible to open the glass slider onto the patio without gusts of rain drenching the living room, I could only look out at a churning fog of rain that erased my view of the ocean and everything else more than twenty feet distant. It was too furious and explosive to last more than a half hour and so I waited, crossing off the notion of a morning walk on the beach.

In time, I rescued the plants and found the airlifted chair hanging over a broken light halfway up the walkway, four panes of glass and the bulb as well shattered by force of the wind-driven patio chair. The rain eventually blew away, and the wind dropped off to something less than threatening, or enough at least to make me reconsider a walk. A little wind and rain is okay as long as the beach is not a bog of mushy footing.

By 9:15 it was good to go. No washed up jellyfish or headless fish, but here’s what I found instead…


  1. Poor little butterfly and such a beautiful creation. Such a shame that he couldn't have found shelter under some steps.

  2. As I've often said about that type of environs, it is so elemental: sand, ocean, sky. And when the added element of a rousing thunderstorm comes into play, the experience is one of being at the cusp and feeling of all those elements seemingly within reach and feeling overwhelmed by the beauty and power of it all


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