Sunday, January 5, 2014

Random Thoughts from Another Orbit

January 2, 2013

My fourth day in an orbit far from the Internet began with an almost bark. Nothing apart from bed and a warm blanket interested me. Still sleepy and needing another hour in bed, from somewhere inside a fuzzy head it came to me that I didn’t have to get up. The dog now had her own door to go and come as she pleased. I still had to lead her to it and point out once more the door installed just for her but she caught on quick and was off and running across the backyard. I crawled back into bed and drowsed for awhile. 

An hour later I sat on the back porch with coffee and toast, at ease in what is…well, call it my spot. This time it was much of a damp green, the trees dripping streaks of brown and the light too weak to uncover detail. I drank my coffee in the small sounds of morning, thoughts roaming over things to do, outside chores necessary to keep my small acre an Eden. An imaginary fountain pen, small notes in my head about things to do…

Prop up that leaning palm tree out behind the compost enclosure.
How the hell did that tick come to be wandering across my desk?
Tired of peanut butter on toast for breakfast.
Thank God for neighbor, Randy.
Heinous crime…extorting the demented elderly.
Man once told me in all seriousness that the truth about Japanese whaling could be found in comic books.
Thought the liverwort would be revived with the rain…maybe next time.
Dog dug another hole, an almost foxhole.
Wish I had some of that apple butter they make at the Camelot Diner up by the flea market.
Better make a trek to Walmart for Farina’s chicken jerky…Hate leaving her in the car.
What do things look like through Farina’s eyes?
Fallen limbs out there, need to drag ’em to the firewood pile.
Long train. Manny must be holding on to his bed straps.
Wonder if he can cut the grass tomorrow…last of the season.
Like that rake D gave me for Christmas. Makes things easier.
How is that gossip rag going to prove that Prince Charles is a Secret Lesbian?
Red ants are unstoppable…thinking next might be a nest in the house.
Manny down the road is a good neighbor. Like no other.
Stupid to worry about Farina not eating her food…
She’ll eat when she’s hungry.
Shivers up my spine…that the Queen could be mother to a deviate.
Maybe drive over to True Value, see if they have the door strip I need.
Funny, the name of that TV porno film, World War Whore.
Hughes Net Internet provider…disappointment.
Run to Publix for half & half, and maybe some take-out from the rude Chinese.


  1. A good list to ponder and even some things that can get accomplished, although I don't know if the truth about Prince Charles is something we will find out in our lifetime.


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