Sunday, November 13, 2011

Amanda & Mr Clean

Feels like it took two weeks longer than it should have, but the evil offshore currents swirling around tropical storm Sean have finally passed beyond reach of Florida’s central east coast. In its place now blows a gentle northeast wind and a less than foamy surf hardly big enough to knock over a toddler. No doubt a relief to everyone along this shore. For far too long there’s been a maelstrom of wind and salt, a bedlam of roaring waves full of rip currents and tossing up mounds of seaweed. For those hoping to walk on the beach it’s been a tricky affair. Daily high tides have caused bad erosion, leaving little space between surf line and seawall, heaps of the fetid seaweed underfoot. Only my second autumn in the area but the difference in this year and last has been huge.

Now that the storm has moved north of Bermuda, something like a sunshine-crowded window has opened onto Florida and brought back a glimpse of November 2010. Morning and evening hours are cool enough for long sleeves, but afternoon hovers at the perfect temperature of 74° F.

Despite the return of good weather, Saturday around here was taken up with preparing for the arrival of vacationing friends from Louisiana. My less than efficient system means that things tend to get let go for long stretches until a deadline looms into sight and the hustling begins. But claiming all the credit would be unfair to the delightful Miss A who spent half her Saturday lending a big hand to turn the place into a shiny hangout for a couple of almost-Cajuns.


  1. Beautiful picture, but aiming a little to the left would have included your red sofa which would have blended with the red piece of artwork on the wall. Happy that you got someone to help you "spit and polish" your piece of paradise.

  2. Don't most folks wait until the last minute to tackle a variety of things long needing doing? I certainly do much to the consternation of my wife. There was still an ice chest in the kitchen with cokes in water left over from a gathering for the LSU and Alabama game over a week ago. I asked my wife if it was a test to see how long it would take me to move it and promptly forgot about it. Discovered it outside finally--cokes and water still it in. Yikes.


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