Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nutty Marketing II

Been too long since checking to see what sort of weird and wonderful products are popular in Japan these days, so flipping back to one of my favorite shop Japan online sites I discovered that the earthquake last March has done little to slow the imagination of product development there. All the old gadgets from the earlier post “Nutty Marketing” are still on sale, but there are a few new ones that deserve some free publicity. There is something so very, very Japanese about these ‘inventions’ that has never been described in books on that country’s culture. Were I recommending a text for a class in Japanese thinking, the catalog for Japan Trend Shop would be required supplemental reading.

EYE SLACK HARUKA • Electric eye muscle and skin stimulation

Excess or sagging skin around the eyes? Just three short minutes a day with the Eye Slack Haruka and Hollywood is just around the corner. Safe and easy to operate, simply place the included pads onto the Haruka and fit it under your eyes. Battery-powered heat and gentle vibrations will immediately begin removing the years and erasing those tell-tale weary signs of age. The Haruka offers two modes to choose from, hard or soft. In hard mode Haruka uses electrical stimulation to activate your skin; the soft mode supplies gentle micro-currents to fight sagging, slack skin and every woman’s nightmare—gravity. At 1.1 ounces, the Eye Slack Haruka is barely noticeable as it works its magic. After a few sessions with Haruka you and all your friends will notice a miraculous difference!

HAPPY SMILE TRAINER • Beauty care accessory

Want to have that perfect smile? Enhance your mouth and jaw muscles with the Happy Smile Trainer and fulfill that lifelong wish. It’s as simple as five minutes a day! Just by biting on the mouthpiece for a short time each day improves the angles and balance of your face and cheeks, at the same strengthening your gums and teeth. Into no time at all you’ll have a movie star smile and be crunching those rock hard rice crackers like they were butter soft biscuits.


These tight and chic JeanPants are durable and just oozing zeitgeist appeal. More popular with men, the designers insist they are perfect for the ladies, too. The worn denim look is popular all over the world now, and this design adds innovation to that appeal by applying the jeans look to your briefs. Don’t neglect what you have to show underneath—You can say so much about yourself with your choice of underwear. Step out with confidence and panache, certain that what’s underneath is original and funky.

ETIQUETTE CHECKER • Bad breath and alcohol test

Unsure? Wondering if your breath is as bad as you think it is? Maybe you’re uncertain because you’ve had a bit too much to drink. Now, with the amazing Etiquette Checker you can check both the quality of your breath and your alcohol level at one time. Simply breathe into the tester and get instant results. Breath is ranked from 1-6, with 1 being good and 6 horrible. Alcohol level is shown in 0.5 increments. The Etiquette Checker features a backlit LCD screen and an automatic-off function. Make your next night out with that special person a positive one!

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  1. Well, good golly Miss Molly. If I had that much bulge in my Jeanpants Underwear I certainly wouldn't need the Happy Smile Trainer. The Hollywood around the corner Eye Slack Haruka and the Etiquette Checker are on order; in desperate need of both.


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