Friday, January 6, 2012


Shopping is not one of my favorite pastimes, even the holiday cheer of Christmas failing to make it much better. Just rather be doing something else. But like a few million others, it couldn’t be put off any longer and so several days before Christmas I wandered into a small giftshop downtown looking for a couple of gifts. Someone had told me this particular store carried a hand cream that I knew was on a certain Sister Woman’s wish list. Five minutes after walking through the door I had already chosen an armful of presents-to-be, and still not satisfied stayed almost an hour just to look at the miscellany of unconventional, eccentric and unexpected inventory on their shelves.

Leaving the store later, among those items in the bag of intended Christmas gifts was one small stocking stuffer intended to go no farther than home, a duplicate of one aimed for a friend back in the Cajun country of Louisiana, the perfect choice for her, but no less for myself as well.

Good guess that post-it notes are something that countless people find not only useful, but downright necessary in the traffic of daily life. Their usefulness is no different in my case. Always in the past, the choices were a boring pale yellow, or a gaudy set of aqua, orange, lime green and purple.

Cavallini does it a little bit differently with subdued colors, blank, lined, graphed and bordered post-it notes, even with a type heading.

Cavallini & Co. is located in San Francisco and offers super-cool calendars, notebooks, gift tags, wrapping paper, tape, postcards and assortments of other beautifully designed stationery goods. They offer online shopping and also suggest other stores where their products are available. Click on the Cavallini link above and check out their product line. Christmas has passed but there are no doubt birthdays and other occasions that call for a small, reasonably priced gift. You could do worse.

This photo shows the Sticky Notes with a few other favorite items from other places: the cardboard Marble Candy cylinder that doubles as a pen case, the ever present Life notebook, a Montblanc Marcel Proust commemorative fountain pen, a newly found seaheart (sea-bean) and a strip of colorful new stamps.


  1. Those little notes makes a perfect gift to anyone....male of female.

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