Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snap, Snarl, Go to Hell

Now what could bring a person to act like that?

Not the first post written about HOA problems, and what draws me back to the subject is the realization that uncomplimentary behavior is the identifying mark of too many property owners looking to sound off about their opinions in a tidal wave of recrimination aimed at elected Board members, and anyone else who gets in the way. Not much different from the name calling that characterizes Washington politics.

Since my term of office on the HOA Board of Directors expired, and running for election a second time the last thought in my mind, staying away from Board meetings has been the norm. On a couple of occasions something on the agenda has drawn me back, but only for a portion of the meeting time. A full length HOA meeting no longer fits into the lifestyle I would describe as temperate. Some people enjoy conflict, enjoy trading nasty comments, the gnashing of teeth and the less than circumspect baring of naked emotion. Unfortunately, in the case around here, it continues to be one contingent against another, old Board members trying to force their way of thinking onto new Board members; unelected candidates aggressively trying to find a place on the decision-making panel.

Flush in the middle of a scenic paradise seethes a grumbling and backbiting among people who apparently have little else to do with their time. But no, let me amend that. There are also those who have no idea what’s going on, never read communications from the Manager’s Office and or the Board, and rarely show a face except for the rare appearance at a Board meeting to indulge in some browbeating and goading. These are people Dracula would see coming and turn around to go the other way.

Everyone has an opinion and certainly when conditions allow, it’s satisfying to see policy or plans settled in agreement with your opinion. If things don’t happen to work out in your favor, then why not accept it graciously and hope that the decision you opposed doesn’t turn out badly? Why work behind people’s backs with insinuating email and endless repetition of the bad in settled decisions? What kind of person writes nasty letters, leaves them unsigned and mails them out to the membership?

Thinking about running for the Board of your HOA? I would suggest instead a tall glass of hemlock. It would be less trouble.


  1. So paradise can be adventurous, hunh? From your description of the Animals of HOA, I would rather deal with real animals in that paradise: sharks, stingrays, killer whales, beach-loving serial killers.


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