Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Training Day

Today was squirrel training day, hours spent in a hard backyard chair guarding the bird feeder and teaching discipline to prospective contestants on The Biggest Loser for Squirrels. We all know that this quest comes with tears and pain and at this point I’m ready to dish it out. See below.


  1. Guess he's sliding down a greased pole!

  2. Well, unless you are planning on eating them, killing the squirrels won't stop all of them from eating at the feeder. Doubtful they can communicate about staying away from the snacks. I found after a while that they rarely come to my bird feeders anymore. Putting out corn will help but just come to accept them as part of the animals in your realm. Meanwhile, enjoy your fried squirrel and grits for breakfast.

  3. Was it dead.?

    1. Dead I don't know, but for sure in a quandary. A friend sent me the picture. Not my yard or squirrel. Just an example of squirrels trying to get in bird feeders. Honestly, I would hate to see any animal in this kind of shape.


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