Thursday, May 23, 2013

Umbrella of Rain

In a backyard rainstorm…

Spanish moss trembling in a downpour, 
on the bird feeder’s plastic face
tiny wet footprints 
desperate squirrels. 
A bamboo wind chime on porch eaves clucks 
and chuckles, 
laughter celebrating long-awaited rain, 
wetness turning grass brighter, 
the crispy green of celery. 

A scene blurred by rain,
filled with the mix of birdsong and far thunder,
while a spear of light from somewhere outside 
illuminates a spot on concrete underfoot. 
Rumbles of thunder, whistling birds 
each part of a larger sound 
inside this umbrella of rain
where drops strike every surface in separate percussion… 
tin roof, leaves, picnic table
concrete and grass
and trees tilt their faces to the sky.


  1. Very good, evocative, the painting of a picture with precise language, specific words.

  2. I love this!!!!

  3. Loved this writing and loved the picture of the sun coming through the trees.


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