Saturday, May 22, 2010

Things That Please

The pace of my days is generally slow and allows time to sit around pondering on things. But it isn't all day dreaming, since there is some discipline involved, since a peaceful life-at-the-beach routine can gradually lull one into lethargy both physical and mental, and “monkey mind” wandering make thoughts wasteful and unproductive. I try to guard against that to a certain degree. On many days I sit in one of my favorite aeries watching the wheels go round, thinking on this and that, and today it came to me after a while that I have gotten uncommon pleasure, large and small from a variety of sources in my new post-Japan setting.

Here are some things that please…

• The sight of a trash-car working its way down an already clean stretch of beach

• The large extended family now vacationing at the beach, people who glow with sunlight, happiness and family-ness, and who I amiably observe each day

• Flights of pelicans

• The friendliness of every employee at Publix supermarket

• A nearby public library, a very good library

• Orange Bank of Florida in Lake Mary and it world’s best VP

• Summer squash, a favorite vegetable I did without for many years

• Tamaki-san, a Japanese woman working at CVS Pharmacy

• Successful management of the book buying budget (The pen & ink buying budget needs some attention, however.)

• Being close to best friends

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