Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Left Baton Rouge in a rainstorm 5:30 a.m. Tuesday and spent twelve hours driving on Interstate 10, most of it in rain, and a good bit in the thick of eighteen-wheelers. Louisiana to Florida in one day is a wearing drive in conditions of any kind and would likely tire even Richard Petty, but one thing seems clear. Florida highways are generally excellent, and the difference is practically noticeable upon crossing the state line.

I saw two accidents and can’t say I was surprised. Surprised there weren’t more crashes considering how many drivers disregard pouring rain and crowded conditions to keep their speed at seventy or more. The first smash up was in Louisiana, the second a flipped truck in the trees off the highway in Florida. On the last leg, driving south on Interstate 95 from Jacksonville to New Smyrna Beach I watched (from a safe distance) a couple of idiots acting out their road rage in extreme back and forth tailgating, first one then the other, all of it in heavy traffic.

Pulled into my parking spot at the beach at 5:30 with cramped legs, aching shoulders and no sign of rain.

The two weeks in Baton Rouge were greater than expectation, and I wouldn’t trade a minute of the time spent with the people there.

Tired for now and require a little of that sandy, salty, deep blue meditation that beach bums love.

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  1. Glad you made it back to the beach environs safely. Plotted the rain front traveling east and wondered if you ever outran it. Sounds like you didn't. Didn't sleep well last night. Guess still winding down from two weeks of bars and bookstores and bistros and all the laughter. Kept expecting to see you in your usual place on the couch with your nose buried in a book. Aaahh, well (as Humphrey said), we still have south Louisiana.


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