Monday, December 13, 2010

Odd Weather

JOURNAL ENTRY: One of those days that don’t count for much. Strong wind blew the Christmas tree over. Bought a box of cards, thought about making a list and didn’t. Odd weather on the beach, or maybe not, since this is my first December here, with no experience of ‘up in the air’ weather days I would call odd elsewhere. At 11:00 this morning I walked a long stretch on the beach wearing shorts and T-shirt. Had I waited two hours jeans and a sweater might have been too little to keep warm.

Work done around the place yesterday stands out in ways I wouldn’t have guessed. Freshly painted surfaces everywhere, trees and plants tidily clipped and groomed, and a welcome freshness about everything. Chances are good that others in the work crew also woke up creaky and sore. Felt good to sit in my reading chair with the new Julia Glass novel, The Widower’s Tale, read a handful of pages and drift into a long nap. I woke to dark clouds and the sound of wind and rain.


  1. No, this is defintely odd weather. All this hot then cold, they clear then cloudy, then's like it just can't decide. I've been in Florida almost 23 years and I just don't remember a December like this one.

  2. 9:33 AM and it is 33 degrees here in Baton Rouge. Low tonight is an expected 24. Of course it will be a projected 70 come Wednesday. Colder than usual for us but typical south Louisiana weather; cold front blasts through followed by a southerly flow from the Gulf that warms the area. Can remember some Christmas days in the 80s and everyone saying, This is not like Christmas. But it is usually here in the sub-tropics.


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