Sunday, December 26, 2010

First in Many

Home late from Christmas in town, car loaded with loot, belly overloaded with two days of magnificent eats, and altogether heartwarmed by the company of family. An extra special time because it was the first opportunity in many years to be with family over Christmas.

A few of the memorable tidbits…

The surprise of finding on my sister’s kitchen counter a Christmas cake specially made to duplicate the one posted here on December 23.

A beautiful midnight mass at St Alban’s Anglican Church on Christmas Eve, celebration of the high mass, including all the traditions of ceremony on the eve of Christ’s birth.

Dinner on Friday: shrimp cocktail, oyster stew, grilled scallops, jambalaya with shrimp, escargot, squid salad and platters of raw oysters.

A long wanted new dictionary and desktop swivel stand.

A bulging, near overflowing bag of take-home delicacies.

Special heartfelt thanks to Ben and Beverly for adding all the joy and jingling bells to this Christmas.


  1. Gee, and I was thinking you might be doing the beach hermit thing for Christmas, wandering aimlessly along holiday-deserted environs. Silly me. From the sound of it your body and spirit experienced some downhome soul food. Gifts sometime come in unusual wrappings.

  2. Isn't it a blessing being with family. I love what Raymond posted, gifts sometimes come in unusual wrappings......oh so true. You are a gift, and a gifted person.


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