Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Beach Blanket Bingo

Since arriving in Florida several days ago, one thing or another has kept me in town, prevented me from driving out to the beach for so much as a look-see. The plan all along has aimed for arrival there on the 1st of May. The days prior to that are a time for handling the business of establishing new residence and ironing out the logistics concerned with setting up house. This morning I had business specific to residency, so made the fifty mile drive over to the east coast.

New Smyrna Beach…
The city is located on what has been called the “Fun Coast,” an environmentally protected stretch of beach between Daytona on the north, and the Kennedy Space Center in the south. The very first settlers arrived there in 1768, but were ultimately forced to leave because of disease and frequent raids by the Seminole Indians. The town was incorporated in 1887, and in 1947 became a city. The population in 2007 was 23,161. The city’s name is no doubt related to the fact that a number of the original settlers were natives of Smyrna, Turkey. These days, ‘Florida’s Secret Pearl’ attracts over 1,000,000 visits each year.

Today was a stunning day in New Smyrna; still too cold for ocean swimming, but comfortable on the beach, and in all four directions a treat to the eyes. I hadn’t been there since last August, and the first few breaths of cool ocean-scented air today were like a magical elixir of life. The only thing missing during my short time there this morning was a glimpse of the magnificent brown pelicans native to the area. The sight of them soaring overhead in flocks of six to ten has always lifted my heart, and I’ve passed several summer vacations enchanted day after day by their in-flight beauty

I found everything in order in the condominium, and expect it will be even shinier after the cleaners have worked their charms on Friday. By Saturday afternoon I hope to have sand between my toes, pelicans overhead and the sun’s amiable light in my pocket.

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