Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stranger in a Strange Land?

This morning I open eyes to scenery of a different color, a different shape and texture. Friday afternoon saw fade from view the somewhat cold and wet Japanese spring, along with all the accustomed sights and sounds of twenty-eight years snug in the embrace of Tokyo. The page has turned and suddenly another landscape meets the eye.

Jet lagged and not yet seeing clearly through these sleep-denied senses, still I manage to take in the distinctive light and warmer air that almost shout, “This is Florida!”

In a big way I am much relieved to have the move from there to here done with. Getting myself, along with all the accumulation of years over the hump of a major move was a rattling experience, no question. But standing now on the other side, I am pleased with the way it all worked out.

Nonetheless, there are definitely some uncertainties on the horizon of this adventure. As I’ve heard people say countless times in the past, “Ganbarimasu!” — I’ll hang in there.

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  1. Welcome home to Florida!!

    I assume that you won't try to make the drive to Brandon today :-)


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