Friday, April 16, 2010

Blossoms in the Rain

8 Days…

After putting it off as long as possible, I sat down this morning and completed the shipping forms, or lists “detailing” the contents and value of each box I am shipping to Florida. I use the word ‘detail’ with some latitude, since I made my lists while looking at sealed boxes and an imprecise recollection of what’s inside, apart from general category. It’s pretty much a great heap of boxes containing either household items or books, with a couple holding ink or fountain pens. This I learned is considered hobby materials. In any case, people I’ve asked have assured me that general description will be enough for official approval. I have to hope that will be so.

Today is another cold and wet day in Tokyo, more of what has made this a mostly unsatisfactory cherry blossom season. The morning’s Japan Times explained how the cold weather has extended the season, but made no mention of trees already bare of flowers jostled loose by the almost daily rain. The times have been few indeed when one could stroll among the trees in full bloom, or sit beneath them with friends. Fewer people viewing the cherry trees in Kugayama this spring, and at this point there isn’t much left to view. Puddles spotted with pink petals reflect the flowerless branches overhead.

Tomorrow will see me off to the Yamanashi countryside for an overnight stay with old friends. I will try to post a few lines from there, if able to write from my friend’s computer. If not, Sunday evening will be the next and final post from Japan.

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  1. Wow, this has to be stressful after so many years living in Japan.

    I look forward to your last post and the first one when you arrive here in Florida.


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