Friday, April 2, 2010

Formerly Lost & Found

22 Days to Go…

I struggle under a veritable wall of books, already nine full boxes sorted for the trash. Not many, but a few at least were hard to let go, most of them being whimsical buys at some time years ago, on subjects with no lasting interest (Earth Dwellers: Adventures in the Land of the Ants). Stacks of language books, Japanese and Thai, texts useful in their time, but now little more than unwanted bulk. I am sending on to Florida as many art books as I can, but the full complement is out of the question. Such books are not only large, but too heavy to consider shipping. Of course, all my fountain pen books, as well as back issues of Stationery Hobby Box already have their boat tickets.

Surprised today by a treasure of old LP records I uncovered at the bottom of a box. I had wondered once or twice what had become of my records of Japanese music of the 1930s, 40s and 50s. Well, now I’ve found them and will send them to Florida, but not certain how I will get the music from record album to MP3 format. Obviously, there’s a way.

Spent time on the telephone today with the Dept of Water, electric company, cable TV office, The Japan Times and my Internet service provider, finalizing the shut off dates and payment of the last bills. On Monday, I must remember to do the same with the gas company and Softbank, my iPhone carrier.

The two largest closets now 100% empty. Some of the contents of those closets is stacked around the apartment, though all ready for either boxing or the trash.

On schedule, I think.

The attached photo is what the neighborhood looks like now in all its cheery cherriness.

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  1. You can still purchase turntables. We have one hook up to our stereo system.


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