Friday, April 9, 2010

Boxes, Dreams & Details

15 Days…

Recently, my sleep has been colored by dreams of boxes not packed, of last minute details forgotten, or of fountain pens lost in transit. Probably obvious to those who had psychology 101, but if it isn't “insecurity” then I don’t know how to interpret it. Though in my waking hours I feel pretty confident that all the boxes, details and fountain pens are well accounted for.

Much of today saw me running around getting documents, canceling insurance and arranging for ending service on my iPhone. I got a certificate from the ward office certifying that all my Japanese taxes have been paid, then went up one flight to stop my medical insurance. Both those tasks were easy and fast. Later, I spoke to someone at Softbank, carrier for the iPhone in Japan, and found out I can stop my service and pay the bill the day before leaving Japan. Good news, since my at home landline will be turned off four days earlier.

I came home from all that with ten more boxes—four for books I don’t want and six for packing the books going to Florida. Add that six to the twenty-one already stacked and packed.

It has been my custom to write the daily blog post in the early evening, posting it at 7:00 p.m. Japan time. During these last days in Tokyo, many of my evenings are being spent with friends over dinner or a couple of goodbye drinks. That means a later post on some nights. I like the earlier routine, but will hopefully remain clearheaded enough to put a post up after all the eating and drinking.

Tonight a couple of friends took me to eat oysters, something like the attached photo.

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