Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Growing More Aware of Time

10 Days…
Packed, taped up and labelled what I think are the last two boxes this morning. The place is looking pretty empty and it’s hard to think I can come up with enough to fill another box. After all, the three suitcases going on the plane will allow room for one or two overlooked or last minute items, apart from clothes.
Next on my list was canceling credit cards and arranging final payment, minimal because I have refrained from using a credit card these past two months. A little later I easily paid the final amount through the ATM machine. Cards cut; job done.
Spent some time at the bank transferring funds to my Florida bank. That too is uncomplicated and easy to do on the ATM, though it can’t be done without certain bank fees, on both sides. The best (most economical) way is all in one transfer, but the ins and outs of moving from Japan to Florida make that method difficult. For the moment, the amount of cash necessary between now and April 23 is uncertain, so some money must be held in reserve.

Some readers will have noticed a blank at the top left of this page, under the Scriblets title and description. I’ve been trying to make some changes in Blogger concerning the blog. My Japan email address will expire at the end of this month, and since the blog is connected to that address, a different log in address will be used from May 1. My fiddling with the settings today brought on the sudden disappearance of the profile “photo” and description, leaving only two ‘Bleets’ below the CONTRIBUTORS heading. Each of the two Bleets brings up a different profile—one for Japan, the other for Florida. Haven’t figured out yet how to get the profile picture, or description back in place. If there are any readers knowledgeable in this area, please offer a comment or tip on changing email address and profile information. I didn’t get very far in just clicking on the ‘change email’ option.

I tacked on a couple of photos I took in the neighborhood this afternoon for no other reason than my growing awareness of the time I have left to walk around and admire the long familiar sights of my Kugayama stomping grounds. It seems more meaningful now somehow.   

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